Chicken or the egg?

I will frequently repost entries from my blog, to GPC’s. Here is my latest.

A Thorn in the Flesh

Peering over the edge of 9/11 Memorial in NYC, you get a sense for the magnitude of what happened that day on September 11th. The scale of the buildings that came down, the scale of emotions that shattered that day; well it is hard to fathom. I watched that day from afar as I was serving a congregation in Cumnock, Scotland at the time and I returned home from hospital visits to be met by a friend who asked if I knew what had occurred. I of course said no and then scurried off to my apartment.

I can recall watching the news footage on BBC and thought about loved ones back home as well as what kind of evil would perpetrate such an attack. I still ponder that question, but then again so did my son the other day when the family visited the memorial in NYC. Honestly, I…

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