The Next Shift

A Thorn in the Flesh

So we have left the Sabbath and now we enter into the Christian Sabbath, which means going to church. And while we do go to church we also shift in the orientation of our study. Up to now we had studied the Israeli narrative and then the Palestinian narrative. But now we are shifting to see if there is a new narrative that is emerging.

Before we worship at St George’s Episcopal Church, we meet with Rabbi David Rosen who is the roving Jewish Ambassador, who comes across in a suave James Bond kind of way, and with Rev. Canon Hosam Naoum. Hosam is Arab and grew up in Nazareth, and works on many programs that seek to create new bonds within Jerusalem. One program that began at St. George’s has spun off, Kids4Peace which partners Jews and Palestinians in the 6th grade and seeks to create a new narrative…

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