Discovery Recap

An important and very moving day in Discovery today as we revealed the new theme for the first half of the Sunday School year. We have an incredible group of young people who are ready to discover and question and probe as they seek to understand themselves and their relationship to God and to one another.

Theme: What’s in a Name? Naming and Being Named.
How do we name ourselves? What do names tell us about people?
How do we identify ourselves as individuals, as members of a community, as Christians?
We will explore how we name and identify ourselves and others in our own context and how we interpret the naming of people in the Bible
With the goals of exploring

  • what names mean
  • why they are used
  • how we can make a community a safer place to explore our own identities

We will also have our first opportunity for service this week as we explore our year-long theme: How can a cookie change the world?
Whoever is off school and free on Wednesday can meet at the church to prepare our Discovery cookies for the Red Cross Blood Drive donors.
Looking ahead our next opportunity for service and fellowship will be Saturday, October 3, 6-8 pm to bake challah for World Communion Sunday.

We are eager for some breakfast volunteers! If you are able, please sign up here.
Please complete the Discovery survey, if you have not already. This information is very helpful as we move forward.