The word that cannot be mentioned!


Most people have heard about the name that cannot be mentioned, at least you have if you are a Harry Potter fan or the parent of a Harry Potter fan. The name Voldemort carries such power in the books that the characters within the story refuse to utter his name, fearing what will happen to them if they say it. New revelations have developed to explain another reason why the name Voldemort was not to be uttered.

JK Rowling, the author of the books, has recently informed the public that we have been mispronouncing Voldemort’s name. Perhaps this was why no one in the books would mention his name, they were afraid of mispronouncing it! (Of course as someone with a difficult last name, I would have greatly appreciated if my teachers had refused to pronounce my last name as well and just gone with Todd, but that is a…

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