No POWER outage here!

Over the last year or so, POWER ( Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild) has been working to expand into the suburban region and GPC has been a part of those efforts. Last spring, we had established the date of October 18, 2015 as a Founding Assembly and I offered that date to you as a Save the Date. As a small planning team was gathering to plan out this assembly, the massacre in Charleston occurred, and that meeting was postponed. Between that event and the visit of the Pope, things have slowed down a bit but we are now picking up steam.

While planning for this Assembly had come to a standstill, the work of POWER has not. It has continued in its efforts to bring a living wage of $15/hr to workers at the Philadelphia International Airport and fast food employees. The network, including our Metro members, has continued to advocate for a Fair Funding Formula for state education funds. While the budget process is at loggerheads as the Governor and Legislature have shut down the state, our efforts have produced the first fruits of knowing that when the budget is agreed to, we know it will contain a Fair Funding Formula, both sides have already agreed to this. Now we know that the funding in this formula is inadequate to the needs of our school districts around the state, but this will be the second step in the effort. So we can see success in joining together with others to improve our communities.

Recently I attended a meeting with the Philadelphia board of POWER and they have begun a process of reviewing their journey to date and discern next steps. They are truly excited that there are those of us in the Metro region who are stepping forward to join the cause to working on behalf of not just Philadelphia or the Metro area but on behalf of all Pennsylvanians.

On Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Hope Community Church, 150 E. Beidler Road, King of Prussia, POWER Metro will be gathering from 3 to 5 pm to begin to plan for the Founding Assembly in February of 2016. It is very important that GPC have a presence at this gathering so that we can lend our support of this truly moving experience. If you have questions about POWER, let me know or talk to Mark Fifer, Linda Stevenson, Laura Cozzens, Sandy Drayer or Patrina Ross, who have all attended previous POWER gatherings.

I hope to see everyone there.