Creation and Science: Week 1

A group of five gathered at Margaret Somerville’s house on Tuesday evening for the first week of a new Adult Education offering:CreationAndScience a five-week course offered by Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, taught by the impressive theologian Dr. Nelson Rivera whose special area of study and teaching is in Science and Religion. This course is being opened to congregations to attend remotely in the manner of a webinar, Tuesday nights 7-9 pm, through December 1.

During the first session Dr. Rivera discussed the history of the partnership between science and theology, moving from Galileo to Newton to Darwin, scientists who became, as Rivera explains, secular theologians. What do we mean when we say creation? Do we understand creation as only speaking about origins, or can we understand creation also as God’s continuing presence in our lives as well as the Christian promise of new life? Could we ever have a complete picture of the world around us, our internal and external worlds, a sense of who we are, without engaging both science and theology? Come and ponder such questions with us next Tuesday for our second session.

Fee: suggested donation of $20 per person to cover the cost of registration.
Materials: Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker, (Yale UP, 2011). A Kindle or paperback version of the book is available on Amazon for $12.
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