Discovery Recap

This Sunday Discovery did an activity that linked the recognition of Reformation Day and the 498th anniversary of the Reformation to All Saints Day. We talked about the special understanding of saints in our reformed tradition as all those who live and walk with Christ, those who have gone before us and those who are present with us now – our communion of saints.
A special activity helped us understand this twist that our tradition offers us. File_003We listed on strips of paper family members and friends and pets who have died, whether we knew them personally or not. On the other side of the strip of paper were the names
of those whom we love who are still alive. So often people speak of those who have died as being “onFile_000 the other side” or “in a better place”. This twist helped us to see that we are one in our communion of saints. By making a Mobius strip and literally twisting the ends of the paper before joining them in a circle, we created a seamless line betweenFile_001 the living and dead. We talked about our understanding of the gift our faith offers us with this understanding of our communion of saints and our link to the ever-present saints in our lives.