Discovery Recap

Our day began by making waffles, taking only what we needed and sharing the rest with COALESCE. It was a day to discuss food waste and the impact that it has on our lives and the lives of people across the world. We discovered that 40% of the food produced in this country is never consumed while almost 66% of the people in our country live in food insecure situations. We discovered that the biggest source of food waste is not schools or restaurants but our own households. About 25% of the food we bring into our house is wasted. We thought of many ways to try to change that in our own households. We resolved to find uses for leftovers, to eat family-style where you can control what you take, to request that foods that are consistently wasted are taken off the shopping list, to try eating different kinds of foods instead of leaving them on our plates.
The discussion was full of passion and concern and an eagerness to make a difference.
We will be gathering food over the next two weeks to start to offer to children who are on school breaks and do not have the benefit of school meals with the help of Ralph Hall who volunteers at Narberth Food Bank.

We begin every week together over breakfast by thanking God for two things in particular: the food we have and the time to share it. Please consider signing up to provide us with breakfast, giving us only what we need to mark this meal of fellowship.
Please sign up to take a turn: Breakfast Volunteers