Toxic Christmas

A couple of years ago, at the Advent Retreat, we focused on Christian Charity, explored a deeper understanding of charity than perhaps society understands. While during Christmas charity giving is at its height, yet we still have tremendous issues of poverty in our country. But maybe Christmas itself is a toxic message in our society. Maybe the kind of charity that is common during Christmas is not really a boon to service providers?

This year at the Advent Retreat, this Saturday, November 21st from 9 am to noon, we will explore some of the toxic aspects of Christmas and how we as Christians can respond to these dangerous messages.

Come and join us as we review Christian Charity, explore the Incarnation and then explore ways we can challenge the status quo to see that message of the Incarnation is seen in our charity.

This retreat will be lead by Pastor’s Todd Stavrakos and Adan Maidens of West Kensington Ministry.