Discovery Recap

What an exciting day! Discovery worked hard this Sunday to package up 23 boxes of their cookies to sell towards a goal of raising enough money to buy two Family Farm Aid Packages through Heifer International.  Many thanks to those who baked cookies for our boxes!
All hands were on deck from baking to packaging to decorating boxes to making the IMG_1686announcement during the service  – and finally to inspiring their church family to go above and beyond and to donate towards their goal even after their cookies were sold out in the first 5 minutes.
Their excitement was thrilling as they realized that they had surpassed their goal and were heading towards enough to buy three boxes. Their enthusiasm led to even more donations, and they ended up with enough money to purchase FOUR farm aid packages.
These are children who are ready to make a difference in this world.

So next week we will be looking closer to home and preparing Breakfast Bags which will go to children who will not be able to receive breakfast at school over the the winter break. Once again, Discovery has set a lofty goal of making 100 breakfast bags next Sunday. We need a few more donations of granola bars, power bars, and milk boxes, but we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of donations for this project already. Many thanks to all!