Discovery Recap

Members of DiscoveIMG_1014ry, with help from some dear church family members, led the congregation in the celebration of the Christmas story in this year’s Epiphany Pageant. Many thanks to all who helped with costumes and staging and who came out on Saturday to rehearse for this special event. After getIMG_0998ting our places set, our lines memorized, and our costumes in order, Discovery took some time to discuss the final words of our pageant script. In this celebration of the Incarnation, we listened carefully to the words that we are to be the eyes and ears and hands and voice of Christ as we move through our communities during the week. We are the flesh. We spent the weeks of Advent discussing the ways in which we can use our resources and our awareness to address different situations of need. We baked and sold cooIMG_1808kies to raise money to help families sustain their own farms. We gathered food and packed them into Breakfast Bags for those in our own communities who need held feeding their children when on school breaks. IMG_1807We decked the sanctuary with the names of our church family. We will continue to strive to keep our eyes and ears open, to
keep our hands busy, to lend a voice to those who might not have one that is being heard. We will proclaim the good news: God is with us. Immanuel.