Discovery Recap

The young people of our church have expressed an interest in learning more not only about our own Christian tradition, but about the faith traditions of others. In an introduction to our work for this semester we created a tree of Christianity on our floor this week. We learned that the basic belief in the Trinity and the Incarnation is what holds us all together as Christians. We then looked at the splits into the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant branches, and then broke Protestantism into different denominations. Looking at a time line and at the major changes that seem to happen roughly every five hundred years, we decided that we are right on time for whatever is next. Will it be up to us? Will it involve moving in the other direction towards unity as one tradition as the Church universal? What would we say are the essentials that hold us all together in our faith? Will we see these same essentials as we look at other faith traditions?

If you are around on Sunday before the service, come and watch us recreate a game we played this week, and discover what it has to do with our theme of Discovery for this semester. We might just pull you across the line!