A rough introduction

A Thorn in the Flesh

So I arrived in Portland around 3 pm last Friday, June 17th and I barely remember that this is Wednesday afternoon as I write this. I could not have anticipated how busy and exhausting this experience was going to be. Between the schedule and the time change, I have struggled to find energy to even write an update to you the community, so as I have found some spare time to write, let me briefly update you and the election of the moderators and its process.

As you know, Rev. Adan Mairena, of the West Kensington Ministry, was nominated to run as the co-moderator of PCUSA. Now if I thought my schedule was busy, well. Adan’s was insane! He came to town on Thursday, and then he and his partner, David Parker, had two days to campaign, with the election held on Saturday evening. They attended event after event, meeting…

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