Deepest Thanks

Thank you, dear GPC family, for the beautiful service and celebration last week. I have spent time this week reading the touching notes that you collected in the box – what a treasure they are for me. My heart is full, my gratitude so deep for the gifts you have given me over these two years. You welcomed me into the life of your church and allowed me to explore the ways in which I feel called to ministry. You embraced the work we did as a Discovery group as we explored how we understand who and what God is and how we see God working in us for the building up of the Church. I am most deeply touched by the way in which you allowed the youngest members of the community to lead us along new paths of worship and faith.

So keep marching in the light of God! I will step in where I can.
Blessings of peace and love in the name of our creator, redeemer, and sustainer.

Margaret Somerville