Plenary, or Groundhog Day

A Thorn in the Flesh

Once committee work is done, all overtures are referred to the GA body itself, which is referred as Plenary. Now all the commissioners will vote on the overtures coming from committee. For those votes in committee that are overwhelmingly supported, the overtures go on a consent agenda and approved by the plenary so that more time can be spent on controversial issues.

As you can imagine, for particularly divisive overtures, such as ones pertaining the Israel and Palestine, the same arguments that we made in committee are played out again; in many regards it is Groundhog Day. In plenary, we saw an affirmation of actions taken in the committee as related to Israel-Palestine, which to me was good. While the actions do not represent the balance I would want to see, they do represent a step in the right direction. I am still dismayed that the major report was approved…

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