Dog Days of Summer update

A Thorn in the Flesh

Aha, you probably thought I had forgotten about the reading challenge, ye of little faith!

Two more down, and the connect between the two was rather interesting and unexpected. Over the last ten days, I finished reading In Defense of Civility by James Calvin Davis and Islamic Exceptionalism by Shadi Hamid. The titles alone would seem to point to two different directions but as the Spirit is prone to do, I was surprised.

As I read In Defense of Civility, I anticipated an argument that spoke to the need to listen to others better, and that was what I found. Davis speaks of the need to make sure that our public discourse hears all voices and respects these voices. He starts from the premise that the Christian Right has attempt to maintain a monopoly over “value” discussions but he points out that all people of faith pursue “value” principles. Furthermore…

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