Dog days of Summer Reading Challenge, final edition

A Thorn in the Flesh

Well, I certainly did not run out of books to read this summer, actually people have been giving me suggestions so I might actually have fallen behind on my reading even as I took up the challenge. However, I did run out of time, at least the summertime that is. But this little “project” has taught me that there is so much out there to read. Some containing information and insights into others, some offering illumination on faith, some just telling important stories and opening up the eyes of understanding. Regardless, this “challenge” has rekindled my commitment to continue reading, and making it part of my spiritual discipline. A mentor once told me to look at the bookshelf in the pastor’s office, and if it only contains old academic books from seminary, get out because they have stopped learning. And so I shall continue to stock my shelves (or my…

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