The New Jim Crow

Yet again, another unarmed African American male was shot and killed by police officers the other day, this time in Tulsa, Ok. These actions seem to unfortunately becoming a new reality, bringing the racial divides closer to the surface with resulting anger of a people who feel oppressed and disenfranchised.

Furthermore the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem, demonstrates the disconnect between the African American community and the white community. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority are not open to hearing the concerns of the African American community.

As I have been re-reading Gustavo Gutierrez, one of the theologians who gave rise to Liberation Theology, it is incumbent upon the Church of Christ to hear the silent voices and hear the Word to them. How are they oppressed? Is the church complicit? How has sin impacted the social structures? These are questions that we must ask ourselves in this time.

In order to better understand this situation and provide a basis for us to dialogue with one another, and hopefully the African American community, I am invited all of GPC to read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. In this book, Alexander presents a case that the War on Drugs has enabled a new form of Jim Crow, a means to control and disenfranchise African American males.

In asking the community to read this book, I am not saying we must buy into her theory, however her work does open our eyes to a perspective we might not have entertained previously. The books will be available this Sunday.