Do we need Liberating?

A Thorn in the Flesh

So I recently completed a re-read of The Truth Shall Make You Free by Gustavo Gutierrez, and wondered about its impact upon American society. Gutierrez is a theologian from Peru, who worked with the poor in Lima. During this ministry, he began to form some thoughts about theology which challenged the notion of “modern” theology, which is theology created after the Enlightenment. For the most part, modern theology delved with the question of what do we do with those who do not have faith in the modern times. Gutierrez, however, had a different question; how is God speaking to the poor, who are believers already? And how is the Church to be acting in this relationship, if God is preferential towards the poor?

Gutierrez, and other Latin American theologians, created Liberation Theology which emphasized the need of the church to be in relationship with “non-humans” as Gutierrez spoke of the…

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