Prayers for our nation

After last night’s election results, our nation sits at a crossroads. Regardless of who won the election, the nation was going to be in need of healing and with the election of Donald Trump, fear and anxiety will be rampant in our nation.

While I do not agree with the positions of President-elect Trump, I do understand the anger of many in our society that felt left behind by trends in our nation. While many are  pointing to racist and misogynist language of the campaign as the primal forces in Trump’s victory, I think the real reason is closer to home, the pocket book.

I will always speak about against racism, anti-Semitism and misogynist language and deeds, however, I am also keenly aware of the pain many in the United States have been feeling for the last two decades as globalization has left them behind. Our two trips to Appalachia showed our community how devastated parts of the United States are. This is the reality and anger that motivated many to vote against the establishment, both Democrat and Republican establishments, first in the primary and then the general election.

This election is a reminder that while we live in the relatively affluent region of the Delaware Valley, there are many within an easy drive who are truly suffering and looking for anyone to hear their cries. It is our calling to hear the cries of white working class as much as to hear the cries of African Americans or Latinos living in the City of Philadelphia.

My overwhelming pastoral concern is that we respond to this fear and anger, not with our own fear and anger. This is not what Christ teaches us, nor wants of us. Our call is to pray for others, and to act for others.  We must work together, with all parts of our nation to improve the lives of all. God provides in abundance in which all can share, that is our calling.

The healing must begin today, we must be reconcilers!

In Christ’ name, we pray.