POWER Metro Workshop

A year ago POWER Metro held its founding assembly at which 800 people of varying faiths gathered to work for the betterment of their communities. In 2016, we visited with member of the state legislature and spoke to them about our issues of having a Fair Funding Formula for Public Education and a  Fair Living Wage. We experienced some successes as the state adopted the Funding Formula for new monies going to public school districts, and the Governor signed an executive order requiring state contractors to pay $15/hour to employees but that is not enough. Our work continues.


Since the election in November of 2016, we have seen a resurgence of activists both within our communities of faith and outside. POWER Metro’s desire is to help provide a structure and direction to this activism to address both concerns locally and nationally. On Sunday, February 26th from 2 to 5 pm we will hold a training meeting and assembly at Ascension United Church of Christ Church, 1700 West Main Street, Jeffersonville, PA 19403.


The purpose of the meeting is to provide more tools to activists within our communities to address issues of concern. Workshops include:

  • From protests to organizing: How to channel concerns into a means of change.
  • How the elections of 2017 at the national level impact POWER Metro’s agenda?
  • Where do we stand with our agenda for 2017 in PA and what steps are needed?
  • How do we contact our legislators and speak to them about issues of concern?
  • How do we conduct one on one conversations in our communities of faith and our communities?


Also, at the meeting, we will commission our new leadership team and plan for next steps to take our message to our elected officials. Plan to be there on the 26th as we work to faithfully witness and speak to the powers that be to help all. “