Lenten Programming

The last two years have been traumatic in our nation’s history as the issue of race has been exposed as ever present within our society. The reports of police abuse and the violent response to these reports demonstrate how raw the nation is over racial issues. The recent election, with racial overtones on both sides, has again exposed this reality to us. So how do we, as those living in privilege, understand the reality of a society that has yet to truly grabble with the issue of race and bias? How do we assess and investigate what forms of institutional racism exist and how we might be aiding such a reality unawares? It begins with study and discernment.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 15th at 7:30 pm and then continuing on March 29th and April 12th we will join in a conversation about The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Come and join with us as we explore this topic and discern a faithful response.