Who gets to tell the Truth?

A Thorn in the Flesh

It was the spring of 1994, long before the year would become infamous for the “Contract with America”, before the tidal wave of support that brought the Republicans into power in the House of Representatives while President Bill Clinton was completing his second year in office. It was the spring of that year that I began to witness the fickleness of media.

At the time I worked for Congressman Lucien Blackwell, a former labor leader, former member of City Council, and, rather infamously, one of the combatants, along with Franny Rafferty, of a fist fight in Council Chambers. Needless to say, Lu was not a favorite of the media, particularly the Philadelphia Inquirer, who painted him as part of the Democratic machine which had long ago past its prime. They wanted a more modern candidate, someone who did not seem shackled to the past. Needless to say, the Inquirer

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