Discovery News

The members of Discovery have been studying and discussing the passage from Ezekiel known as the Valley of Dry Bones.
They prepared this interpretation of it before doing a live reading and rendition of this text during the service on Sunday.

Valley of Dry Bones

Just as the dry bones were brought to new life as a thriving multitude, the intention of Discovery was to bring the text to life for the congregation.

Easter Candy
Would you be able to bring some wrapped, peanut-free candy, to church this week for us to fill our Easter eggs for our Easter Sunday egg hunt?

Breakfast Offerings
4.9.17 Pratt
4.23.17 Stavrakos
4.30.17 Brogan
5.7.17 Margaret
5.14.17 Barkers
5.21.17 Crawfords
5.28.17 Romero-Stevenson
6.4.17 Pratt
6.11.17 Stavrakos