Never again

A Thorn in the Flesh

I am not a big slogan person, just like I am not a big titles person. Think of titles and terms like progressive or conservative that are tossed around, I really do not find them helpful or useful. From reading Understanding Bias I do understand that it is normal for us to create boundaries to make us secure and such terms and descriptives make us more comfortable with our surroundings. But in offering these terms to make us feel better, have we not created a barrier? I suppose it is like that with slogans that seem to emanate from trauma, a slogan that comes to mind is “We will never forget” which was the slogan post 9/11. My problem with slogans is, do we every really mean it? Do they offer to us a sense of comfort but then allow us to slide back into complacency?

When we said, “We will never forget”…

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