POWER Metro Updates


PECO is everywhere. The company touches every single home we pass. But PECO hasn’t made the connection between those homes and the intersections of race, poverty, pollution, and climate change.  Which was exactly the connection 10 clergy leaders made in the blessings they offered the first 40 walkers on Monday. The story of the Walk is getting the message out in the county press as well. So this is the work we are tasked with on this walk– to show with our feet the connections between neighborhoods living completely different realities, between where wealth leaves and where it stays, and between individuals who sometimes don’t see themselves as part of a larger movement. We’re finding that a short sentence or two is usually enough to explain the whole idea. “We need those jobs,” was repeated along Lehigh Avenue. “We can reinvest solar revenue for affordable housing,” said Jean Mitchell, a board member at Centennial Parkside CDC. “I can’t believe you’re doing this, I just got a solar job this morning. But there aren’t enough,” said Kelly, a woman we met at a McDonalds in Delaware County. And many have said they’ll take the time to come into the city on May 22 to carry this message to PECO. At 40 miles in, we arrived today at the PECO complex in Berwyn. This site shows both the power of the campaign and how far we still have to push PECO. As part PECO’s response to the campaign, the company has begun to test solar equipment here, which made it a perfect place to say that inching forward isn’t enough when there are miles to go. Add to the momentum on May 22, 12-2pm at Philadelphia City Hall, Thomas Paine Plaza.

Please donate what you can to our Walk Gift Registry to show your support for our walkers over the remaining 60 miles.


The Final Mile: City Hall to PECO Monday, May 22, 12-2:00pm Philadelphia City Hall, Thomas Paine Plaza 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19107 Join hundreds of activists for the grand finale of the Walk for Green Jobs and Justice. 

Walk PARTY (in place of General Meeting) Tuesday, June 6, 6:30-8:30pm Friends Center 1501 Cherry St Philadelphia, PA