Here we go again….

A Thorn in the Flesh

Until around 7 pm on Monday morning, Manchester, UK was a soccer mecca in my world. The city that proudly boasts ManU (pronounced Manyou) or Manchester United for non-soccer fans, as well as their derby rivals, those johnny come latelys at Manchester City, is a place of the greatest display of soccer talent in the world. If you visit a soccer field in the area, you will spot youth playing wearing the red uniforms of ManU, with names like Rooney, Martial or Beckham. Or you might see the familiar blue of Man City with names like Aguero, Villa or Kompany. People around the world rise and fall with the exploits of this two historic clubs.

But this morning as I wake up, Manchester has a different connotation, another place that terror has struck. No longer do I envision the beauty of attacking soccer, played on immaculate pitches of green. Instead…

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