POWER Metro Initiative Against Current Senate Healthcare Reform Bill

Join us for an action in defense of Medicaid and ACA protections this Thursday, July 6th: PA Speaks Out: Save our Care and Our Lives

After thousands of phone calls, hundreds of letters and months of contacting Senator Toomey, the plan to gut Medicaid and end the consumer protections of the Affordable Care Act continues to move through Congress.  In order to make sure all Pennsylvanians hear our message about how crucial Medicaid and the ACA’s protections are for PA families, we are changing tactics!

If Senator Toomey won’t listen, we’ll go directly to the busiest corners in our state, tell our stories about the impact of Medicaid & the ACA, and gather stories from the people we meet. We’ll be in critical Congressional districts, including 6, 7, 8, with the goal of engaging newcomers to the fight by asking them to share their healthcare story and/or filling out cards to deliver to Congressional offices.

To RSVP: Contact Mark Fifer

PA07: Media

22 S. Plum Street

Come anytime between Noon – 8pm



30th St Station

Come anytime between 8am – 8pm



PA08: Doylestown

Intersection in front of the old Courthouse on Court St.

Come anytime between 8am – 8pm



PA 06:


Location TBD