A New Year of Discovery

Discovery will begin on September 10 at 9:45 in our newly renovated Discovery Room!
We are thrilled to announce that our own beloved Veronica Hall will be the new Youth Director for GPC! Veronica and I have been working through the summer and will continue to work together to provide rich programming of education, service, and fellowship for this incredible group of young people.
Updates will be coming from Veronica as she leads the way in supporting our youth on their faith journeys.
Some highlights that await:
  • Discovery will be leading the church’s celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a service on October 29th. Put that on your calendars now. This is huge!
  • Three of our Discovery members are representing our church at the Presbytery of Philadelphia’s 300th anniversary celebration service on October 7th. We hope you all will be able to attend this as well. More details later.
  • Discovery members in 8th grade and up will have the opportunity to prepare for their Confirmation, and we will be talking more about preparation for that which will begin in the winter.

We are looking forward to the depth of engagement that makes this such a remarkable group to be around. As we all have seen, they do amazing things for this church and their greater communities.

For Discovery families: