COALESCE Kick Off Sunday

COALESCE 2017-1218

Listening for the Heartbeat Of God in Ourselves and Others


To coalesce means to come together; synonyms are merge, unite, integrate.  A Community Of Adult Learners, Eagerly Seeking Christian Education, C.O.A.L.E.S.C.E, meets from 9:45-10:50 each Sunday.  Themes that we will be considering this year coordinate with worship, Discovery, and beyond Sunday programming.  To begin we will look at prayer, contemplation, and meditation, specifically looking at how we articulate our faith journey to ourselves and one another.  Among others, we will look at the work of Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Thomas Keating, Richard Rohrer, and J. Philip Newell.  As we look at our own spiritual journey, found in prayer, contemplation and meditation, we will take a hard look at our ability to articulate our faith to ourselves and others.  We will also be learning about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, considering how the Reformation affects us in the 21st Century in terms of our own faith pathway.  Opportunities will be offered for us to connect to people of other faith traditions as we work to clarify our own spiritual truths and understandings.  Let us come together, coalesce, and come to COALESCE.  Come, seeking to hear the heartbeat of God in ourselves and others.