Discovery Highlights

This year marks exciting events for our Discovery program with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! It gives us the opportunity to examine the theme of Change in our curriculum and to plan a service involving the children to help celebrate. To prepare for this, Discovery has been looking at the discomfort of change and the difficulties that go along with it in our activities and exercises. This week kicked off with a game of passing M&M’s down the line with spoons. We saw that when they were together in a single line they took their time and did well, but when split into two lines the race was on, and the pressure of that removed focus from being patient and working together. The youth saw the value of teamwork and helping each other find the solution to achieve the goal. Afterwards, the kids answered questions for themselves about what they would most like to see change and stay the same in the Church, the world, and themselves. From here, we will be working towards bringing self examination of our theme into how we approach the rest of the year in service to those around us and our service for Reformation Sunday.