Wake Up! Day of Action Power Metro Request

Dear GPC Faith Community,

Ginger and I (Julie Sheetz was also there for Villanova), as some of you may know, gathered with over 300 POWER members at the Capitol in Harrisburg on June 21st to declare the existence of education inequity in our state. Our message was simple: Research clearly demonstrates a racial bias in the way Pennsylvania funds its students. Senator John Eichelberger, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, agreed verbally to hold a public hearing regarding this issue. Since his verbal agreement, however, Senator Eichelberger has not made good on his promise. No date has been set.


Ginger and I are asking for your assistance; we are writing you, as members of our faith community, not to support any specific action but to simply ask Senator Eichelberger to follow through on his promise to have a public hearing on this issue.  We are inviting you to participate  in the “Wake Up! Day of Action,” to be held on Monday, September 25th. On that day we’re asking members in Power Metro and POWER  congregations across Southeastern Pennsylvania to contact Senator Eichelberger’s offices via phone call, e-mail, mailing, and/or social media posts, urging him to schedule a public hearing regarding the racial bias in state education funding.


Our guiding faith symbol for this action comes from our brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith. During this time of year, they celebrate their High Holy Days – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As a symbol of awakening and repentance, they blow the shofar – a loud instrument intended to grab our attention. Like the blowing of the shofar, our Day of Action is an attention-grabber – Senator Eichelberger and the rest of the state must “Wake up!” and address the systemic racism inherent in our school funding.  Will you participate? Will you be a part of the growing chorus of voices demanding that our government “wake up” to this crisis? If so, there are many ways to take action:

  • Call Senator Eichelberger’s offices early on Monday, September 25th using this script
  • E-mail Senator Eichelberger’s office using the email template using this script
  • Post on Senator Eichelberger’s Facebook page, using templates we’ll be sending closer to the day of the action
  • Send a postcard to his offices, using this template


                                                             In appreciation for any support you can give,

                                                             Ginger and Mark Fifer

                                                             Congregation Members of GPC & Power Metro Member