Calendar and Birthdays


Tuesday, October 17th:

10 am Bible Study: Gospel of Matthew

Wednesday, October 18th:

6:30 pm Dinner

7 pm Interfaith Prayer Practices Seminar: Shambhala Buddhist

Thursday, October 19th:

7 pm Knit or Knot

7:30 pm Men’s Group

Saturday, October 21st:

9 am SW Region of Presbytery of Philadelphia Meeting

Discussion on the Reformation and its legacy

6 pm Discovery Fellowship

Sunday, October 22nd:

9:45 am Christian Education

11 am Worship: Pastor Todd Stavrakos preaching

Sermon   Belonging to God


Isaiah 45:1–7 The Lord anoints Cyrus: I alone am God; I call you by name.

Matthew 22:15–22 The Pharisees test Jesus with a question about paying taxes.


October 16th:

Greg Loux

October 19th:

Larry Cozzens

October 20th:

Kevin Loux

October 21st:

Terry Hudson