Discovery Recap

In Discovery this week, we were all able to spend some time brushing up on our facts about the Reformation in preparation for leading the Church service on October 29th! Our activity afterwards focused on the different types of prayer: prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, intercession, and supplication. After explaining what each of these types of prayer were, we played a game in which prayers were read aloud and everyone had to guess which type of prayer was which by walking to the corresponding words placed around the room. One of the interesting things we found was that there can be overlap between prayers of intercession and supplication, and that sometimes defining a prayer as one or the other was difficult to do. Afterwards, they got the chance to write out their own prayers and play the game again with the ones they wrote out themselves. Overall, we are focusing on the idea of a person’s individual ability to establish a relationship with God. We’ve been learning about indulgences in the Church, and how it was one of the main practices that Luther took issue with when he wrote out and nailed his 95 theses to the wall. The best part was, when asked if they agreed with the idea of having to pay a priest to send prayers to God for them, it didn’t sit too well! That really opened their eyes to seeing Luther’s point of view and why he took the actions he did. If you’d like to see how this all ties together in the end, please come to our Youth Reformation Service on Sunday, 10/29, at 11:00 am!

– Veronica