Prayers for the Week

Every week in our Interfaith Series, Contemplative Practices, we break bread before our program and share an interfaith prayer from the Iona Community with those sitting around us. We take a prayer card with us as we leave in the hope that we can share this prayer with someone else throughout the week.
This week’s prayer:

May the love of life
Fill our hearts.
May the love of earth
Bring joy to heaven.
May the love of self
Deepen our souls.
May the love of neighbor
Heal our world.
As nations, as peoples, as families this day
May the love of life heal our world.
                                                         -J.P. Newell

This week, as a community, we hold in prayer
Barb as she travels to Africa to teach English
Larry celebrating his 70th birthday
Our indigenous brothers and sisters, especially of the Apache tribe
We ask for strength for Hook B. and for Terry and Sara as they face the challenges before them.