Advent 2017: The Restless Heart

During the Fall we had a tremendous opportunity to learn about other faith traditions’ prayer practices: Muslim, Buddhist, Baha’i. Hindu and Jewish. We encountered new practices and challenged our own.

Our prayer practices are the means through which we seek to know and be present with God. We all seek God; it is a deeper need than we truly understand. Often we do not really understand our need to actually seek God. Sometimes we do not even know that it is God we truly seek. Many of our anxieties in life truly are about our relationship to this world, to each other and to God.

Centuries ago, Augustine wrote that “our hearts are restless until they rest in God.” This is not a statement about death, that we only find peace when we rest with God, instead it is a statement about life, how we truly find rest from our anxieties when we are in true relationship with God.

For our Advent Retreat on Saturday, December 9th from 9 to noon, we will explore different prayer practices in the Christian tradition. This will be a “doing” retreat, as we will be in active prayer, not learning about but actually doing practices that might provide a way to find a truer connection with God.

You can register for the retreat here.

Come and find rest!