And another thing…. whataboutism

A Thorn in the Flesh

So on Sunday I preached a sermon, Hope of no hope at Gladwyne Presbyterian Church, which challenged our political leaders. Perhaps some might have been upset with the overt political nature of the sermon. Perhaps some were upset with my description of the President of the United States as being a man of “no moral fiber, no sense of decency”. While I assume still others were upset with my description of Rep. Nancy Pelosi as a “value challenged individual who worships at the alter of power.” I am sure those who support the President and those who like Rep. Pelosi’s leadership are not too pleased with me today. While I have been critical of the political leaders in the past, recent events have clearly demonstrated that I cannot be silent anymore.

The challenge of a sermon is to offer transformative words in a limited amount of time. I am sure…

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