Discovery News and Souper Bowl

This week in Discovery, the kids planned for our upcoming Souper Bowl Sunday donations! We decided to help collect socks for Broad Street Ministry to hand out to those who go there for a meal. The lunch will take place 1/28 after the service and all are welcome to attend!
Please sign up here to let us know if you can help.

With our overall theme of change for the year, Discovery has been working on how to incorporate change into our daily lives. I refreshed them on an assignment I gave a few weeks ago to have them find out something new about someone they don’t like. They spoke honestly about the difference this made in their patience with others. It was important to acknowledge it’s not easy to live what we believe.

From here we moved into authentic and inauthentic apologies. What’s the difference between the two, and how did they feel? How do we know when someone means when they’re sorry, and when they don’t? They said there was something sincere about the tone of voice of the person. But what we learned was that an authentic apology is followed up by an action that shows someone is sorry. We talked about the idea of spilling hot chocolate on someone, saying sorry, and walking away compared to getting that person a paper towel and helping them clean the mess. Two different actions, same words, same scenario–but it really clarified their understanding.

In closing, Discovery has been going around the circle naming what was good about the last week and what they’re looking forward to about the week ahead. There are exciting things on the horizon! Stay tuned, more to come!

                                                                                 Veronica Hall, Youth Director