A Perspective on Palestine

While I have just returned from Israel and will be making plans to share more of my experiences with the community, I had the opportunity to run into a friend of mine, Bassem Eid, while in Jerusalem. He informed me that he would be in the area next week, so I have invited him to come and share his experiences with us on Thursday, March 1st at 7 pm.

You can read more about Bassem on his website. As a Palestinian born in East Jerusalem while it was under control of the Kingdom of Jordan, Bassem has experienced much of the conflict first hand. His work as a human rights activist with the well known B’Tselem, as well as his outspoken concern for his fellow Palestinians offers an interesting perspective on the conflict and the hopes for peace in the region.

Bassem is a speaker you will not want to miss, so plan to be in attendance on Thursday, March 1st!