Day Immersion Program At Broad Street Ministry: May 19

We have the opportunity to take a local mission trip and join Broad Street Ministry as a part of their Social Engagement Initiative.  We are looking for an intergenerational group of 10-20 members of the GPC community to make a commitment for a day of service and learning on May 19.

The Day Immersion Program will be at and around Broad Street Ministry.
Broad Street Ministry’s Social Engagement Initiative believes that:

by engaging our neighbors socially, academically, and faithfully, we can spread the practice of radical hospitality beyond our doors. Join us, and together we can creatively and intentionally challenge systems of injustice and oppression facing our most vulnerable neighbors. Day Immersions at Broad Street Ministry welcome groups of all ages and types to engage in relational service with BSM’s Hospitality Collaborative surrounded by informative and provocative discussions and activities. You will be involved in a community that fosters creativity and lifelong learning with the flexibility to pursue the intersectionality of justice issues through a lens of faith.

The day will include:

3 hours serving guests who come to Broad Street Ministry for a variety of services. You will be serving guests in a dignified manner and helping to ensure that there is always a place at the table for each of the guests. The services include the Breaking Bread meal, 315 Threadz (clothing), Personal Care, mail service, and therapeutic arts.

Lunch together in the city.

A walking tour of Center City intentionally calls groups to truly be in the city by using our senses and observation skills. On our walk, we’ll notice our neighbors who seek shelter in the underground SEPTA concourse; we’ll observe how the wage gap in Center City presents itself through resources, storefronts, and food access; we’ll meet our neighbors who often go unnoticed as we pass by them on the street. The conversation on the walk will include causes and the traumatizing effects of homelessness and poverty.

Discovery spent an afternoon at BSM recently when we delivered our 500+ socks, had a tour of the services offered, and then joined the community in worship. We would like to continue our work here with this wonderful opportunity for a day of commitment and connection.

Please let Margaret or Todd know asap if you would like to be part of this mission trip on May 19.