Caught between a rock and a hard place

Reading for the Second Day of Holy Week based upon the Daily Readings Lamentations 1:17-22 and Mark 11:27-33

A Thorn in the Flesh

To say that Judea in the time of Jesus was a sticky wicket might be an understatement. Judea was now a part of the Roman Empire, with all that entails. Judea and the environs had made a play for independence against the Greek overlords who were a remnant of Alexander the Great’s conquest. While they had defeated the Greeks, they unwittingly set in motion events that were to bring the Romans into the land of Israel and Rome had no desire to leave.

Like most times, trade was huge in this time and the trade routes through the land of Israel where vital to the economic vitality of the empire. So Judea was now part of that empire. Now the question for the people and religious leaders of Judea was how to practice their faith with integrity under the rule of a pagan people. The danger involved in such a…

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