Calendar and Birthdays

Happening this week

Monday-Wednesday, June 18-20
             12:30-3:30 Lower Merion Summer Cafe

Tuesday, June 19
            10:00 am Bible Study: Book of Acts of the Apostles (chapter 8)
at Pat McCole’s apartment

Wednesday, June 20
9:15 am
Trip to Harrisburg: POWER’s Day of Action

Thursday, June 21
             7:00 pm Knit or Knot at Joyce Baker’s house
             7:30 pm Men’s Group

Sunday, June 24
             9:45 am Session meeting
10:00 am
Worship: Pastor Todd preaching
             11:00 am Congregational Meeting
             12:00 pm Church Picnic at Margaret’s house (or whenever we get there!)


June 21    Mark Fifer