Calendar and Birthdays


Tuesday, September 4th:

10 am Bible Study: Acts of the Apostles

Saturday, September 8th:

9:30 am Officer Training

Sunday, September 9th:

10 am Worship: Pastor Todd Stavrakos preaching

Sermon: Water in the desert: How to bridge divides


Isaiah 35:4–7a Miracles of healing and streams in the desert signal God’s coming.

Mark 7:24–37 Jesus heals a Gentile woman’s daughter and a man who cannot speak.

11 am Choir Rehearsal

Tuesday, September 11th:

10 am Bible Study: Acts of the Apostles

7:30 pm Session


September 1st:

Barbs Murray

September 2nd:

Ginger Fifer

Denis Andruchovici

September 10th:

Meagan Weisgerber