Fall Calendar Kick Off on Sunday September 16th

We officially begin the “Church Year” on Sunday, September 16th with our Christian Education Program beginning at 9:45 am and Worship at 11 am.

Christian Education:

Discovery will begin the year exploring the biblical understanding of “fellowship”. Fellowship will be a major theme throughout the year for the youth, both engaging in fellowship as well as discussing its meaning. Not to missed!

COALESCE will have a slightly different format this year. Each unit or topic of discussion will occur in three week segments and then the fourth Sunday will be Breakfast Sunday we all are invited to breakfast and further reflect on the discussions. The first unit is titled: Deepening Our Meanings of Church, Fellowship and Community.


Our worship this year will also be slightly different. A renewed emphasis on the use of praise at the beginning of the worship will be incorporated into the liturgy. Worship is seen as an opportunity to praise God and to bring our fullest self to the Lord. It should encompass all of human emotions, and so it is fitting that we spend some time with praise in our worship. This praise takes the form of a Prayer of Adoration, the use of Hallel Psalms (a song of ascent) and a sung congregational response. We look forward to your feedback on this change.


Following Christian Education and Worship we will gather for a Church Picnic and celebrate this new time to be together.

For those who have friends that you always wanted to invite to worship, this would be a wonderful time to extend that invitation!