COALESCE is off and running for the 2018-19 Church program year—we just need you to be part of the Sunday morning discussion.  The focal point for the year is centering on fellowship and community. We have already discussed and are gaining and evolving awareness of what fellowship means beyond the simple definition of just being together. In our explorations COALESCE will also be looking more deeply into what we mean by community.  What does it mean to create a community where we freely ask one another for help?—to make this the countercultural norm, overcoming the “face” of independence and rugged individualism that is part of the wider culture by being interdependent, relying on one another . What is the role of faith communities in the 21st century?  What does it truly mean to be a member of a faith community? How can we better create the “beloved community” Martin Luther King Jr. proposed? We have also had dialogue on the question “Why church?”— we will keep revisiting this query throughout the year—not only the “why,” but the “how” of doing church in the 21st Century? How does GPC do church? So much to explore!  

The following are 3 week units that finish with a wrap up breakfast every fourth week:


  • Deepening Our Meanings of Church, Fellowship and Community



  1. Supporting the Church in Action: Activism and Service


  1. Creating the Beloved Community


  1. Encountering Emmanuel: God With Us in Fellowship and Community


  1. The Transformed Community  


Come join us on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:50 am in the community room.  Drop in and out as you have time.