GPC Breakfast Sunday

Celebrate Community

Come to breakfast Sunday, November 11 at  9:45 am.

Please join us for breakfast this Sunday as we gather in community and fellowship.

A community that does not celebrate is in danger of becoming just a group of people that gets things done.  It becomes an institution. It is not really a community. Where there is mutual trust and love, people want to open themselves to one another, to celebrate and be together.  This celebration is expressed in smiling and laughter, in simple sharing, in mutual concern and sensitivity, and in the way people relax when they come together. But it finds its fullest expression in shared meals.  Words like “companion” and “to accompany” have their roots in the two Latin words cum pane—to share bread, or food…Eating together is a sign of friendship.  Of all celebrations meals are the most essential.  “Celebration” by Jean Vanier in Called to Community-The Life Jesus Wants for His People