Why don’t they seem to care?

A Thorn in the Flesh

Much ink has been spilled in trying to determine why evangelical Christians seem to not care about President Trump’s behavior. From infidelity to language, the President’s behavior would have certainly disqualified him from support of this group in previous years but seems not to have the same impact as the past. Most of the explanations have discussed a so called “marriage of convenience” been the President and this Christian demographic. This convenience is really centered on the President’s willingness to keep certain cultural issues front and center as well as support more conservative judges who seemingly support a conservative Christian view of society.

This marriage could be the reason, but there is another, reason,  a by product of the Reformation, that seems to merge the world views of Evangelical Christian and President Trump. The Reformation sparked much talk about the End of Times. It was a turbulent time of disease…

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