Education State Funding

FACT:  Pennsylvania has the most inequitable public school funding in the United States.

In Pennsylvania:

•   Spending in poor school districts is 33% lower per student than in wealthy districts.

•  State funding covers about 1/3 of a district’s budget, compared to 50% in most states.

•  In 2016, the legislature adopted a Fair Funding Formula to distribute funding based on need.

•  Only about 9% of state education funds are currently distributed through the new fair formula.

•  The whitest school districts receive about $2,100 more per student than their fair share, while the least white districts get about $2,100 less per student.

•  Using the Fair Funding Formula for 100% of the funding,

-Philadelphia would receive $1,691 more per student per year,

-Reading would receive $6,025 more per student per year.

•  HB 961 would distribute 100% of state education funds through the Fair Funding Formula.

Urge your state representative to support HB 961.