GPC Weekly Website-POWER METRO-Main Line Cluster Update

POWER METRO CONNECTION:  Effort is being made to try to get Representative Curt Sonney, (Republican representing 4th congressional district which is portions of Erie county) who serves as chairman of the House Education Committee, to follow through on a promise he made in June to hold a public hearing on the issue of equity in public school funding.  Call Representative Sonney on Oct 8TH, 9TH or 10TH (between 8 am-4 pm). Hold Him To His Promise! Erie Office: (814) 664-9126, 814-897-2080, Harrisburg Office: (717) 783-9087 

Script, for those unsure about their position on HB 961

Hello.  This is ______________. I live in ___________, PA. I understand that you promised to hold a public hearing this fall on HB 961 and the fair funding issue.  I think a date should be set for the hearing so that the issue of fair funding can be fully aired and understood. I look forward to seeing the date set for the hearing.

Script for those in full support of House Bill 961 which would have 100% of the state money put through the formula:   

SCRIPt:  Hello.  This is    _____, I live in ________, PA and over half the school districts in the state are receiving less than their fair share of funding every year due to the inequities in funding distribution. This is a reminder as the Chair of the Education Committee you promised to schedule hearings this fall on HB 961 and the fair funding issue. I  look forward to seeing a date set for the hearing and I will be checking back in regularly until that date is made public.