POWER Connection – POWER METRO Main Line Cluster Update

As part of a ten year perspective, POWER is carrying out a listening campaign (1000 1:1’s in two months), looking at how they are viewed in faith communities that have been supportive.  GPC is part of that listening initiative as some members of the congregation will be asked to share their understanding of the role of POWER and POWER Metro in the life of our congregation and community.

In the beginning of 2019 the Main Line Cluster of POWER Metro came into being.  Now in its infancy, we are working to knit together faith communities along the Main Line to work on issues of racism and social justice. GPC has a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) that meets periodically to consider the congregational interface with the following: Main Line Cluster of POWER Metro, POWER Metro, POWER, and Faith in Action (national parent organization). Members of the LOC at GPC are Margaret Somerville, Mark Fifer, Bruce MacCullough, Julie Sheetz, Larry Cozzens, Pat McCole, and Ginger Fifer.  If you would like to know more about the LOC or the Main Line Cluster of POWER Metro, talk to any member of the LOC.